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Why buy from Iconic Rugs?

Iconic Rugs unites generations of interior design expertise with industry leading technology to create your truly personalised rug. We believe that creativity has no boundaries, whether you are designing a rug for your home or a large commercial project, Iconic Rugs has a limitless amount of design options that will help you create your dream interior. The Iconic Rugs design team can guide you through our carefully handpicked fabrics, unique designs, and an endless colour palette.

The stunning rugs that you can create are then expertly and passionately hand made by our artisans in India. Our artisans use the same traditional methods that have been passed down from generation to generation, and this is one of the many factors that gives your project the highest quality of craftsmanship. Evoke your passion, create your landscape, and break the boundaries of convention with our endless palette of colours. You are unique, your vision is unique, create your vision with Iconic Rugs.

Our Story

Iconic Rugs is the natural evolution of The Rug Seller. The Rug Seller started from humble beginnings in early 2000 with founder Daniel Prendergast selling high quality rugs from all over the world on local market stalls. The quality of rugs that Daniel sold alongside his drive for excellence, interior design and customer service shaped The Rug Seller into being the largest rug specialist in the UK. For the proceeding twenty-one years, the passionate team of Customer Service experts and Design Consultants have built up strong and ever-expanding relationships with leading interior designers, architects, and hotel chains. The relationships that The Rug Seller team forged with international artisans and designers have allowed The Rug Seller to expand into a truly unique design venture with Iconic Rugs.

Our Purpose & Values

You open a carefully packed custom-made rug and unroll a plush work of art that has arrived after a five- week wait, and what you see is a sheer joy. That is what our customers tell us, and that is what motivates us the most. So simply speaking, our mission is to deliver happiness. To make your rug is just one part of the story. The whole experience, from ordering to receiving your rug, has to be seamless and trouble- free. We follow an “unconventional approach. We don’t have employees. We have stakeholders where everyone is a part of a tightly-knit team, be it the sales staff, the admin staff, the production team, the weavers, or the artisans. Our approach is that of a sense of community and a sense of proud ownership, making our product more than just the sum of its parts.

There are some core values that we do not compromise on

Customer Commitment: The one thing that makes us stand out in this industry is our Customer-centric approach. We believe in building a rapport with our customers putting them at ease, and connecting with their requirements. This communication, in turn, helps us to deliver rugs to the complete satisfaction of our customers. We are very conscious of maintaining clear and precise communication with our clients, which is one of our main strengths.
Quality:  Our quality standards have always been at par with the best in the industry. Our commitment to quality is to deliver to the customer what we promise. Moreover, we continuously strive to develop new ideas with different weaves, yarns, textures, and colors.
Sustainability: We are a socially and environmentally responsible organization committed to achieving operational excellence through our green and clean design and manufacturing processes. We follow a strictly No Child Labour policy and are consciously involved in development projects for children within our local community. We also allow our clients to get directly involved in this. It’s a conscious attempt on our part to bridge the gap between our valued clients and the artisan community back home.
Craftsmanship: We strive to create elegant and high-quality products that deliver value and exceptional customer experience. Experts in their various skills craft each rug – be it our weavers manning the looms with their deft fingers or the dyers whose eye for colors give the perfect tones or the embossers and carvers defining the designs with precision. It’s all sheer poetry in motion and runs like clockwork piece after piece.
Preserve Heritage: Rug weaving is a centuries-old tradition that is gradually waning, a mechanized assembly line production taking precedence. Against this backdrop, we are happy to be working with highly skilled people where every stage of production is an art, and the Artisan involved are specialists. With your orders, we can preserve this glorious handcraft tradition.
Mission Vision
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