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The moving shades and gradual blended colour tones that we can luxuriate over in a bespoke ombre rug can allow us to stop and contemplate the transitory passing of time in the world around us. Spring energetically blooms into the colourful passion of summer, summer relaxes into the cooler fade of autumn, and autumn transitions into the long hibernation of winter. The ombre effect that you create could be so subtle that the colour transition cannot be rooted to a starting point, or you could inundate your bespoke ombre rug with a cacophony of transitional colours You can choose a base colour from above as the foundation of your creativity or upload your own image for a truly personalised rug designing experience. You can choose to have your bespoke ombre rug skilfully hand tufted or hand knotted from two different types of wool, and six different elegant qualities.
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